History of the Football Casuals

Football Casuals: The Unofficial Fashion Subculture 

For decades, a unique fashion subculture has been developing on the terraces and stands of professional Football (soccer) around the world, fueled by the passion for the game and competition for attention. They call themselves “football casuals” and are easily differentiated from their more formally attired fellow supporters by their wearing of branded team and casual wear.

Casuals got their start back in the late 1970s in the United Kingdom when their predecessors, the "skinheads"—an alienated, working class youth subculture—began attending matches in droves. Unlike the skinheads, football casuals valued, individualism and expressed their loyalty to a team by wearing heavily branded teamwear. 

In the early days, loyal to a certain team, and known to boldly strut their own look on the terraces, football casuals were instantly recognizable, wearing identifiable clothing such as Stone Island, CP Company, Aquascutum, Adidas, Fila and many other high end labels

Football casuals have long been a part of the culture of the beautiful game. They have been a part of the game since the late 1970s and early 1980s as a way for committed and passionate fans to express their support for their team in a more physical and visible way. For many people, the sight of fans donning their casuals before the game is still a part of the match day experience, and the image of a crowd of football casuals is an iconic part of football culture.

This website will explore the history and culture of football casuals, from their rise to prominence in the 1980s to their modern day incarnations. We will discuss the trend of “casuals”, the links with organized hooliganism and examine how various clubs have adapted to them in recent years. We will then provide an overview of the positive and negative aspects of the casual scene and consider the controversial place they have within the beautiful game.


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